Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Need a quick quote?

I found a great article by Brian Fling, although it is kind of old, about pricing design based projects. Please adjust the dollar amounts for inflation ;)
Here are some interesting excepts from the article...

1 mockup x time(1×10 hours) x $100 = $1,000
Three mockups would look like this:
3 mockups x time(1×10 hours) x $100 = $3,000
A slightly more complex mockup might look like this:
3 mockup x time(1.5×10 hours) x $100 = $4,500
And a complex or challenging mockup might look like this:
3 mockups x time(2×10 hours) x $100 = $6,000
And so on. Start with a three-point complexity scale using the quarter points if necessary (e.g. 1.25, 1.5, 1.75 etc). If you feel you need to use a five-point scale or even a ten-point scale I would imagine you haven’t figured out your hourly rate.
He even answers an often asked question...What is my hourly rate?

(expenses + salary) ÷ hrs worked per yr. + margin = hourly rate
Liked what you saw? Check out the full article here:

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